Chicago Custom Furniture

Do you want to avoid the headache of shopping for furniture at a home goods store? If you have specific requirements for your furniture, then it can be a lot of work to search the stores to try to find something that matches your specifications. Whether you need a chair that is designed in a certain way to match the decor of a room, or you are looking for custom bunk beds for your children's room, we can help! Here at Custom Cabinets Chicago, we offer a variety of woodworking services, including custom furniture design and creation. You can tell us about the type of furniture that you are looking for, and we will draw up the specifications and create the furniture exactly how you had imagined.

The Advantages of Custom Furniture

When you choose custom furniture in Chicago instead of shopping at a furniture store, you will find many advantages to enjoy. One of the biggest benefits is the fact that you can choose the colors, type of wood, and other finishing style details that should be used on the furniture. Additionally, the furniture can be built to match your sizing requirements. Are you trying to fit the furniture within a specific space in your home? We can build the furniture to the exact size that will fit perfectly in the space where the furniture will be placed. We always use high quality materials, and we can make recommendations for the type of wood that should be used based on the type of furniture that is being created. You will find that custom furniture is more durable than store-bought alternatives, because it is made by hand instead of being factory created. Initially, it might be cheaper to buy store-bought furniture, but many people find that they need to replace the furniture within a short period of time because it is cheaply made and it easily breaks. If you are tired of having store-bought furniture fall apart, then you should consider the custom furniture options that are available. Don’t let yourself be frustrated or disappointed by store-bought furniture that falls apart in a few short years…choose custom furniture instead!

The Process of Creating Custom Furniture

Our customers come to us with a variety of backgrounds and requirements, and our goal is to cater to your preferences and needs. Have you already drawn up a sketch of what you are looking for, and you need help creating it? Or, maybe you have seen design features that you like in other furniture pieces, and you need help putting the sketches and designs together. Once the concept is created, either by yourself or by working together with our design experts, then we will put together the measurements that are needed to create the furniture exactly how you had imagined. Even if you don't have any woodworking skills, we can still help you create the custom furniture that you are looking for, because we can use your ideas and our woodworking expertise. This design process can be adjusted based on your individual needs, and we will work hard to make sure that you are happy with the finished piece.

What Kind of Custom Furniture Do You Want?

Because of our extensive experience, we can make any type of furniture that you can imagine! Examples of custom furniture that we can build include: shelves, chairs, office desks, headboards, tables, beds, and chairs. In addition to custom furniture, we can also add other custom woodworking features in your home, such as trim, moldings, baseboards, banisters and spindles, cabinets, and built-in shelves. The possibilities are endless, and we invite you to dream of your perfect home and we will create it for you. Each time we work on a custom furniture project, every project is made to order. We will talk with you about the specific instructions that are needed for the project, and offer our advice on how you can make your furniture high quality and durable. We invite you to contact us to learn more about the custom furniture options that are available, and we will get started on your project right away.